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  • Looking through the forums, this is an old problem: Any new solutions?

    WP seems to just delete these commands;

    <p> </p>

    I’m looking for a method to add EXTRA space between SOME lines of text

    Thank you.

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  • I see it even deleted them in my question.

    I had used the command for a break as well as for a non-breaking space



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    Are you switching from one editing tab to another? If so, that’s still a Very Bad Idea ™.

    I remain in HTML mode. Is that what you are asking?




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    Yes. People who switch from HTML to Visual tab often find that their code has been stripped out by the WYSIWYG.

    Are you absolutely sure that this isn’t theme related? every one of these reports that I’ve looked into turned out to be a poor reset CSS stripping out the standard upper and lower margins on the paragraph tags? A link to a page demonstrating the problem might help to confirm/eliminate this.

    No. Not certain.

    But I will stay in HTML editor.
    Perhaps I do move back and forth – at least part of the time.

    Theme people (WOO) have not found a solution for me. They think it’s WP related.

    I think your idea must be the winner. Remain in HTML – no matter what happens.

    Thank you. I’ll be back with the results, but probably not tonight.


    Report. I ran a test.

    I created a new page in HTML editor.
    I save it.
    I edited it in HTML again and saved it.

    It looked as it is supposed to look, with blank lines.

    Next I switched to the WYSIWYG editor and immediately back to HTML.
    The blanks lines were removed.

    Conclusion based on one example and your reply: NEVER leave the HTML editor if I want to use a ‘skip some lines’ command.

    I’m not that good with HTML, but there’s not much choice for me.

    Thank you esmi


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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