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  • Not sure if there is something like this available, but I’ve been searching all morning without any luck.

    I run a sports blog that covers a few local teams and daily I do game recaps. I would love upon posting for the ability of a plugin to scan for external links from other sites that are related to my post. This would produce a list of links below the post similar to the related posts plugin, but this lists external links not on my blog.

    For example, I do a game recap on the Dolphins gettin there asses whipped this weekend and upon submitting the post (or even in the edit screen) search google or yahoo for related articles such as the game recap from ESPN or Yahoo.

    If there is something like this out there please let me know or point me in the right direction. Right now I manually add links I find on the internet to my posts but I would love to make this a more streamlined approach.

    Something like the Sphere Related Content widget works perfectly except I want to avoid the popup widget and just have it display a list below the post.

    Thanks in advance!

    SporTech Matter
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  • Just an update. I was brainstorming while at work. If there would be interest in developing something like this I think it would be cool and possibly easier for searching on the web a section in the options of the plugin to put predefined sites in to search from. For instance since I would be interested in mostly sports articles and recaps, I could put in ESPN, Yahoo, etc.. and once the post is submitted, it searches those sites for related links.

    Such a hefty request from someone who doesn’t know the first thing about writing a plugin LOL!

    Thanks in advance again guys.

    SporTech Matter
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    Any ideas?

    Obviously someone read this to moderate my sig? Anyone have any ideas they can throw my way?

    for the record, I’m looking for this exact plugin as well. Anyone know if it exists or am I going to have to try and create it myself?

    I am working on a project like this now, and it will be released at february at , it will offer external related links at the end of each topic, these external related links may be videos, images, other blog posts, … etc.
    and more features for SEO

    Lenky is now done and ready to be downloaded, hope that it is what you want
    download from here:

    This plugin bombs in 2.3 nice idea if it worked


    kev, make sure that your wordpress version is 2.3.2 or higher

    i tested it on WordPress version 2.3 RC1 and it worked well, check your error log and tell me what you got

    H Lenky

    What happens is the blog will only display the header no posts no sidebars


    that is of course because of an error, check your error log, and submit it here or in our feedback in

    Cheaper, this problem is solved, you can download the latest version from here

    At first this plugin did not work for me, the links never showed up. The problem, however, was not the plugin but my server. The server uses a firewall that blocks all outgoing links/addresses called by php to prevent rogue/hacking programs from using the server. Lenky uses a php call to his server to get the links. I white listed the domain and now Lenky works (almost) fine in WP 2.3.3

    While the plugin now works I am getting errors in my log file..
    PHP Warning: hxxp:// is not writeable
    It seems the files Lenky creates in the cache folder are not being chmod to 777 and is trying to write to them.
    Any fix to this Lenky?

    First make sure that you have latest version of lenky plugin installed in your blog, then make sure that the /cache folder is writable and then check again your error log.
    if that error still appears, you can contact me using lenky feedback form so we can solve this together.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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