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  • Anyone have a hack for external RSS feeds (via a plug-in or file)?
    I’m thinking you could either:
    a) set up a daily process to pull RSS feeds from your favorite sites into local files and have WP display them
    b) have WP display the RSS feeds straight-up

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  • idaho, i have no idea on howto install ur aggregator

    same here. its like magpie. can someone tell me a simpler version like the one from jaykul. 1 single file and 1 tag… as simple as that… give me a KISS version please :D.

    Idaho, I -think- what you have is exactly what I’m looking for…but I can’t figure out how to install it.

    Just to respond to a much earlier message in the thread, Magpie has no trouble parsing the RSS feeds produced by WordPress, as they conform to the traditional title-link-description structure of RSS. Any of the examples of parsing RSS 0.9, or RSS 1.0 will work equally well with the RSS 2.0 that WP generates assuming this is a representative feed:
    As for installing it, I don’t have a working install of Word Press, but I imagine taking the Magpie download, moving it to the Word Press install directory (e.g. ‘mv magpierss-0.5.2 ~/public_html/wordpress/magpierss’) should work.

    I ended up going with ZFeeder and hacked it to use the CSS from WordPress. It’s still got a couple of issues, but you can see it at my WP blog. You can also download it from the blog under the dowloads sidebar.

    Sushubh (and others) –
    I’ve posted an accessible version of my current mods to the ‘jaykul parser’ on my website… feel free to grab it:
    I added the ability to parse categories within feed items, useful for taking a large feed and extracting just the relevant categorized articles (I use that for my filtering of dealnews..). I also rewrote the caching mechanism a little bit, added file locking around the file access, and cleaned up an issue or two with length limiting.
    Enjoy. If you have any enhancements, please drop them my way. I’m maintaining a growing list of plugins (the refererLib stuff is the other one I’ve majorly modded, but also use the wp-hilite code, and some amazon-lookup code).

    Anybody know what happened to the site? I’ve tried to download that plugin several times, but the IP won’t resolve for me. Does anyone else know a secondary source?

    I’m in the process of finishing it and then I will pack everything and send it back to you. It’s getting better and better!

    I finished packaging the mod (shown at )
    Download it here.
    If you got any questions post them here or email me. I’ll try to fix it, but then again I don’t have so much PHP/CSS knowledge so I would also like others to help if they can too.

    Sorry….I can’t login to admin.php, anybody had the same problem?

    on the zfeed thing?

    yeap….. I’ve try to useing the original zFeeder’s config.php settings, now it works!
    define(“ZFURL”,”your URI here”); // URL to zFeeder directory installation
    define(“ZFADMINUSER”,”your admin name here”); // admin username
    define(“ZFADMINPASS”,”your pass here”); // crypted admin password
    I found that zFeeder is useing md5 to check the password, so I change these to……
    define(“ZFURL”,””); // URL to zFeeder directory installation
    define(“ZFADMINUSER”,””); // admin username
    define(“ZFADMINPASS”,”d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e”); // crypted admin password
    then I can login to admin.php for no username & password.
    at the zFeeder1.3 readme file, there are 2 important points for unix-like base’s web hosting:
    – give “write” and “execute” attributes to subdirectory: cache
    (either with your FTP client or with CHMOD 0777)
    attributes of all files in cache dir should be 0766 or 0666
    Note: 0666, 0766 and 0777 attributes are considered a security risk
    – give writeable attributes to config.php and subscriptions.opml
    at last, thanks for your great job! 🙂

    No problem. Glad to be a help. I’ll update the package with a new zfeeder and docs.

    the zfeeder module templates have been updated to include images check and .
    I messed around alot with the CSS code. How do you like it? Is it a cheap and clever way to add RSS aggregation and mobile log integration onto your blog?

    In response to the original post in this thread…
    FoF powered WP subscriptions page

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