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  • squishy


    Anyone have a hack for external RSS feeds (via a plug-in or file)?
    I’m thinking you could either:
    a) set up a daily process to pull RSS feeds from your favorite sites into local files and have WP display them
    b) have WP display the RSS feeds straight-up

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  • Alex King


    Are you asking for an RSS aggregator?


    i can make do with some way to use the feeds to generate content on some other pages of my site…


    well i can certainly call the database and generate the headings in my site. but with other sites on other servers. There i need some way to parse RSS feed to generate HTML code.

    Alex King


    Um, I believe that is what an RSS aggregator does. 🙂
    You should look at some RSS aggregator scripts, those will certainly give you what you want much faster than waiting for WordPress to include this sort of functionality.



    When I ever will finish my work at the news aggregator used for one of my sites I could contribute the rss/rdf parser to WordPress. But it would be more healthy to not hold you breath on that, it could take at least until the beginning of next year… it’s far at the end on my to-do-list 🙂
    Bye, Mike

    Maybe take a look at Magpie RSS?

    Doesn’t support RSS 2.0 (Userland), as far as I could see. Although it shouldn’t be too hard to implement that there.

    It was Magpie that got me interested in asking if anyone had a hack for wp. I’ll just use that or something like it.

    zFeeder is easy.. Painless.. And very functional

    Your post made me think of Jaykul’s Newsfeed Parser script. Find it at and see it work at I cheat and feed my two blogs RSS from each other 😛

    Hah, now I’ve got other people linking to my stuff … yay 🙂
    I should really move all those scripts and apps over to my new site though … but I guess I’ll leave them there (also) for now.

    jaykul: ur rss aggregator breaks on my installation on addition of any new hack using my-hacks.php. am i the only 1 facing this problem?

    I’m not using my-hacks.php, but I’m certainly using a number of hacks on, including a heavily-modded version of Jaykul’s great-yet-simple aggregator (kudos!).
    What problem are you running into?
    I had problems at one point with getting blocks closed properly, mostly my own fault as I overhauled the code. Took me a long time, many browsers, and a few validator services, to finally uncover (and just scanning by eye at that!) the problem lines of my code.

    .I wrote a hack for this. You can find the source on my site.
    “b2psnRSS” is what you are looking for. It is based on Magpie RSS.

    If someone wants a heavily tweaked out version of Jaykul’s aggregator, let me know — it’s what is providing the four feeds on the homepage of
    I’d have to go back and figure out everything I’ve changed — though one useful enhancement was the ability to grab category entries for an item, and filter based on them (useful for a site like DealNews, which has the last-20 feed, but not a sub-feed for electronics — so I grab last-20, and get the 4 most recent in category ‘electronics’… pretty cool).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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