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    First of all, i’d like to apologize if my English is bad, because I’m not English.

    My Question is: Is there any Plugin with which you can bring the Post Form to another Page than the one in the admin Area? Maybe I should specify my problem 😀

    I’m planing a site on which everyone can register and everyone can post news. I’ve set everyone who registers new as ‘Author’. So, if someone wants to post something he has to call the Post Form on the Admin Pages and then write his/her news. But these Admin Pages look different to the theme I’m using. So I’d like to make a new page which you can call from the Index Site, which looks the same as the other Pages and on which you can post your news.
    Another possibility would be a themed Admin Area.

    If there already is a Plugin which does this please post it. If not I willy-nilly have to write such a site on my own 🙁

    Thanks already for every Reply.

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  • JeremyVisser


    The Edit N Place plugin lets you edit posts from the front-end, but unfortunately doesn’t let you create new posts like you desire.

    Have a look at that plugin anyway. It looks interesting.



    Try the quick post plugin from – might work, or you might be able to tweak it to do what you want.

    Oh, also there’s a plugin which puts a “quick post” type form on the dashboard screen…. gimme a minute…. here:

    Thing is with that one, I think the site’s down or something. If so, and you want to try it, post back and I’ll upload the distro somewhere for you to grab it.



    First of all thanks for your posts. 😀

    The quick-post Plugin vkaryl posted seems to work (after some modifications). But now theres another problem. I’m trying to include the post form into a new Site. But if I click on HTML editing and call the PHP function of the form and save the site, the form isn’t shown on the site I added.

    I also tried to modify the index.php of my theme and call the function form there. So when I open the index site the form is shown. But after I renamed the Filename from index.php to new-post.php and opened it he said he didn’t find some functions (get_header(), …). After I included the needed File with the functions there are a lot more Errors.

    So does anyone have an idea how to make a new Page that has the theme of my Blog and from which I can call the Post Form Function!? I bet there is an Plugin that helps but I didn’t find any.

    eNDANGEREd –

    I would suggest checking out WordPress’ built-in Page Templates here:

    I think it sounds like what you’re looking for.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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