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  1. ImTa2d
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'm getting so aggravated! I don't know how to proceed... I have just converted my site to themes after using skins for some time, but in the conversion i've noticed that some of my pages won't co-operate now that they've been themed. I used to use php dynamic inclusion which was great in grouping each category's subpages together in one single file, but to get the pages to work with the theme i've had to chop all the pages up individually. I've used EZStatic to get my external pages to fit into my theme but it's still not perfect & i don't know how to fix it. The 2 current problem pages are:
    http://little-girl-lost.org/index.php?page=plugboard - if you try to submit a button to the plugboard it comes back saying 'invalid usage' which i should mention only happens from WITHIN my WP theme
    http://little-girl-lost.org/index.php?page=fanlistings - which looks okay except that the actual # of links is missing & when you click on a category the theme disappears.
    I'm almost ready to ditch all my very hard work in coverting to themes & go back to what i know, but i'm hoping that someone out there has some sort of solution for me. :)

  2. greymullet
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Is the PHP code coded within the template itself? Or have you included with within an entry?

    If it's coded within the source code of the page then I'm not sure I can help, but if you've included the PHP code when typing the content into the content box within the WordPress entries screen ( I mean where you type in the content for posts etc.) then you'll need a plugin in order to run it. Try RunPHP or PHP Exec.

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