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  • Is there a way to force wordpress to use outside authetication for users? I already have a mysql_database which contains all the user/password information for a few other services I offer.

    I would like to force registration to post on my site, howerver, I don’t want wordpress to maintain it’s seperate user/pass list. I want to use a common database.

    I guess, one option would be to infact convert my exisiting user/password database into the wordpress user’s table, and change all my existing software to use the wordpress user table, but I’m looking for a better alternate.

    Any ideas?

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  • It’s difficult to properly recommend a solution without knowing
    a) how you plan to manage user/password lists
    b) how your own tables are defined

    If the table tables are broadly similar i.e. similar datatypes and columns, you may be able to get away with using MySQL views (whether this is a view on the WP tables or your own tables is a judgement call). However, I wouldn’t recommend this approach at all.

    A better solution (besides rewriting the code) may be to write a data migration scripts i.e. some SQL/code that maps WP user tables to your own data tables (or vice versa). Just my 2 pence.

    Unfortunatly, I don’t really see a perfect solution with the info provided.

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