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    I host my own WordPress site on my server with a static IP address. The IP address changed due to account problems.

    I have other websites on this server, just plain HTML ones, these load absolutely fine. The current two WordPress sites however do not load at all. I have pointed all the URLs to the new IP address and email from the URLs are working fine, just not loading the website.

    The websites will load locally, just not externally.

    Any subdomains I have on the URL load fine, as they are HTML. I am guessing this is either a settings/permissions issue, or even a MySQL issue, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    Did you check the DNS table if available) on your host dashboard ?

    Thanks for the reply,

    What do you exactly mean here? Are these settings on the WordPress Dashboard, if so, have never seen them.

    The server the WordPress site is on has not changed, just the IP address to the server. Its really struggling to load anything up externally!


    Not in WordPress…
    I talk about your web host provider.
    You certainly have access to a settings dashboard to manage sub-domains, email accounts, DNS table, statistics etc…

    I am my own web host provider,

    I have my own server running a static IP address to provide Websites. My ISP de-activated my line as a mistake, in which doing so I needed to run all my sites through another phone line in the same premises, but this was a different IP, and I set portforwarding up to my server through the second router.

    Today I’ve managed to get my line back again, and my original IP address. I’ve set up the port forwarding as usual, and changed all the DNS settings and my URL to point to my original IP again.

    All normal HTML sites and email are working fine. I have two WordPress sites which sit for a long time attempting to load content, then fail. I’m completely perplexed as to why, as nothing database wise has changed etc, only the internal IP (from wifi to ethernet), and the ISP.

    Any ideas, sorry its a bit confusing.


    Ok small update to my little pickle…

    I have checked a sub-domain on one of the WP sites, this sub-domain is also a WP site. The sub-domain works fine, which to me says there is no issues with MySQL/Port Forwarding etc.

    I’m very confused as to what has happened in what was supposed to be a simple process…

    Any ideas are more than welcomed.

    This has been fixed, god knows how…. think it might have been something as simple as browser cache?!

    I don’t think, but it’s perhaps due to a cache refresh of your Network adapter Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). ARP is similar to a local Hosts file, but it’s dynamic.

    The ARP cache is usually refreshed after a reboot of your computer or after disable/re-enable the local network connexion or after restarted a specific Network service.

    I just had probably the same issue.

    I changed ISP, so I changed IP at my registrar’s DNS settings to point again to my unchanged NAS, while adding a new router for 1Gb network.

    Then after 24hr my non-WP sites were fine but the WP sites were not loading, took like 1 minute. I deactivated all plugins by renaming the plugin-directory, then the WP sites were loading faster again. Then logged to the admin dashboard (still slow too however), and set back and activated the plugins again. Now it all works better, also the admin dashboard remarkably now works better again.

    It roughly back to normal now, but I still see few seconds delay when browsing though my sites, it feels a bit like it has to ‘wake up’ somehow.

    I’m not sure if this is really related to the ARP mentioned above. I’m still puzzled about this, particularly as I hadn’t changed anything on my NAS(webserver), and it’s using the same IP towards the new router. The old router gave the same slow results by the way, so I suppose it’s either the changed LAN connection (indeed ARP?), or the ISP (but seems odd) , or it’s the fact that the NAS does not properly see the domain name itself when it’s creating the pages…

    Any suggestions?



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    @sjorsv: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic is almost a year old & references an old version of WordPress.

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