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    Hi Anmari, thanks for this plugin. I have a situation where the external ical feed only comes with URI instead of URL. The result is a list without a link to the event. Is there any function or method I can use so the plugin uses the URI from the Ical feed and wrap the title with a link?
    I appreciate any help you can provide.

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    It is not clear to me exactly what you are asking.

    Are you referring to the ical feed url itself? I’m guessing not…

    so maybe to a component of an event such as the
    or the
    some text within the Event description component?

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I was referring to the third-party ical feed url itself. The .ics (VCALENDAR) file provided to me uses URI for the event link. The events list fine but without a link back to the third party calendar.

    I’m going to contact the third-party calendar company and ask them if they could switch URI with URL on their feed. I don’t know why some feeds use URI and others use URL.

    Thank you.

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    Still not clear what you mean by URI for the ics feed url? URL’s are a subset of URI’s? as in a URL is a URI, but a URI is not a URL. I suspect that that is not the ‘problem’. If you are able to use what they have given in this plugin then surely it is a URL that you are using.

    Event links expect to link to the event URL (not the calendar url). The lack of link per event may be because each event may have a different url? EG here, some events link to and some to

    If you are want the events to link somewhere AND the events do not have their own URL, you could try using the default url in the settings.

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    Thanks for your time, and sorry for keeping you confused. It’s how the ICS file was written. It make sense now after you said “URI is not a URL”. They used URI for the event link, and that’s why there is no link.

    I opened the ics file and found this:

    SUMMARY: Here Comes the Bride

    So the event shows like this with your plugin:
    <div class="summary">Here Comes the Bride</div> As you can see the link is missing.

    However, the feeds that I have working are written this way:

    SUMMARY: Event title

    <div class="summary"><a href="eventurl">Event Title</a></div>
    The link shows because the ics used the “url” parameter”.

    I’m going to request them to fix their feed and change the URI parameter with URL.

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Clarification above: URI is not NECESSARILY a URL. It could be.

    Yes this plugin won’t use the URI property, only the URL event property.
    Event URI definition

    Sounds like they just need to add a URL property?

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