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  • Hi all,
    WP 2.7

    I have a “glossary” page which is basically an alphabet across the top, with letters (each linking to a named anchor) and words (again, each as a named anchor) beneath their appropriate letter.
    Now the odd part.

    Let’s say I have a word “Regulation T” (named anchor is ‘regulation-t’) just a bog standard anchor – and a bunch of text explaining what Regulation T is, and a URL…just your ordinary common hyperlink…pointing outside the site. (in this case to the Federal Reserve site). The puzzling problem is that the hyperlink isn’t clickable! It doesn’t go anyplace, doesn’t show up in the browser status bar…nothing. It looks like a hyperlink sure enough, but won’t launch a new page.

    If anyone wants to check out this baffling behavior, it can be seen here:

    Sure would appreciate any suggestions. Flames would be OK too if it would help solve the problem! 😀

    Regards & TIA,

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  • I won’t pretend I understand anything you have there, but looking at your page source I didn’t see any external links for items in your glossary. The letters you mention all link to glossary items, like #A, #B, etc. which takes one to that item on a page. Is that your intention? A true external link with an anchor using a letter would look like..
    <a href="URL">Link Name</A>

    I can’t see anything wrong with it. The letters link to sub sections of the page fine. Perhaps you have fixed it? It’s always a good idea to post a note here to tell others that the issue is resolved to save us wasting our time troubleshooting it for you.

    Thanks for the replies. I may have been a bit more opaque in my description than was helpful. My apologies, such was not my intention.
    OK, dealing with the section which is giving me the problem…
    Looking at the URL:
    brings us to a slab of text;

    This is known as the initial margin. (For all other Regulation A-Z, please see FRB All Regulations Listing)

    Now the area of concern is the latter “FRB All Regulations Listing” –
    here’s the code, and it should be perfectly OK, yet oddly it’s not;
    (For all other Regulation A-Z, please see <a href="">FRB All Regulations Listing</a>)
    The hyperlink isn’t “hot” (clickable/active/live/whatever) and it ought to be of course, since it’s a properly formed URL, and is correctly enclosed in double quotes, has correct opening and closing tags and so on……
    two notes: anywhere else outside of the slab of named anchor text – anywhere anytime, URL’s are utterly trivial….it’s just not an “issue” (I sometimes think we can hand code URL’s in our sleep)….but a URL occurring within a region of this nature just doesn’t work – I have successfully replicated the problem in test pages and posts.
    With thanks for riding this problem thus far, & TIA,
    I hope this is provides some better pointers in towards the issue.

    The slab of text that you refer to doesn’t appear anywhere on the page that you linked to.

    My apologies, I had to move the thing over the weekend. There was so much stuff on a single page that load times were appalling.
    It can now be found at http://www/, and the text slab is now there, and works – because:
    If I put in the hyperlink manually, it works. If I use TinyMCE “hyperlink injector” things get weird.
    I wish I understood the underlying cause of this behavior….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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