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  • is it possible that, I have External database with word press. I am in the Middle of Making website with WP. this is Fashion website. i have model registration form, where new models register their self for different fashion shows, this is Completly different with Bloging, i want to host this pages and data base with WP is it Posible to Do this??? the Page Example is this is just an Example, I want to host page like this.

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  • i’ve been scouring and searching for hours to find some basic how-to on using an external database.

    this thread (below) is top in results but should just be deleted it as it was closed without any useful information provided.

    To clarify your questions:

    You have an existing website with that has user registrations, and you are wanting to create a blog, that uses the existing user registration data?

    I have wordpress hosted on a server with no database as part of the hosting package. I want to specify a db that resides on a different server. I’m assuming I have to provide an IP somewhere? Thanks!

    fyi it’s a fresh install, no existing users/data

    The company providing the database should be able to give you an address to connect to the database.

    You might be given a link like those shown here such as MediaTemple Gridserver or Rackspace Cloud.

    The company providing the database is me. 🙂 I have the IP address, just don’t know how to configure wp-config properly. getting ‘Error establishing…’

    I currently have:

    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘mysqlhost’, ‘###.###.##.###’);

    and have added the ‘incoming’ domain to the list in Remote mySQL in cPanel. I have it as ‘’ (where the files are hosted), and I’m wondering if I have to specify the IP instead, or the address.

    Change your DB_HOST setting in wp-config.php to this format:

    define('DB_HOST', '###.###.##.###');

    This might be one issue, as for the database server, maybe you need to provide the server IP for the incoming domain on the mySQL server.

    Thanks, tried it all, still no luck!

    Are these two servers hosted on the same network? Maybe try their respective local IP addresses.

    If this doesn’t work, I’m all out of ideas.

    I’m suspecting it may be a port issue. I’ll post once I find out. Thanks for taking a crack at it with me.

    **moderators please DON’T close this thread. let’s make these threads useful for others coming up against the same issues.

    I just want to make it Clear

    I have wordpress site running and I create page Called registration. Now I want each and every single Entry save in “External Database(Not where all the Database of wordpress saved)“. I want to Create Separate Database for it??? is it Possible???

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