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    it’s really strange that cloudfront is slow , but if it’s causing you problems you can copy the content of the file(momma.css) you your theme’s css(in wordpress dashboard under appearance->editor).

    Best, Jure

    i want to replace this from config.php ??

    define(‘WP_RP_STATIC_BASE_URL’, ‘’);
    define(‘WP_RP_STATIC_THEMES_PATH’, ‘wp-rp-css/’);
    define(‘WP_RP_STATIC_JSON_PATH’, ‘json/’);

    then i just need to add momma.css content in my theme style..?



    Try to replace the 408 line of code from the following:

    $output .= ‘<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”‘ . $theme_url . $platform_options[‘theme_name’] . ‘?version=’ . WP_RP_VERSION . ‘” />’ . “\n”;

    to this (just add // at the beginning):

    //$output .= ‘<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”‘ . $theme_url . $platform_options[‘theme_name’] . ‘?version=’ . WP_RP_VERSION . ‘” />’ . “\n”;

    After that, copy that momma.css file into your .css file. You should be good to go.

    Let me know how it goes! 🙂

    Take care & have a nice day!


    This doesn’t work for me.

    I’ve commented out the line above in wp_related_posts.php (was that the right place?), but as you can see the cloudfront css still loads and overrides my local styles:

    Any ideas?

    Hey Charlie!

    We took a deeper look at the link you sent us and unfortunately couldn’t find any posts where our CSS would be loaded from Cloudfront.

    The styles on our related posts are included in the following file:

    Can you point us to the right blogposts where our CSS would still be loaded?

    Thanks for all you help!


    Hi, i was having SSL issues with this pluggin, more specifically the cloudfront url mentioned by the OP.
    I applied the fix as mentioned above by the Author “(just add // at the beginning):” and it worked great for my purposes.

    Just thought i would share. Thanks for the awesome plugin!


    Fortunately we are aware of this problem and are already working on a fix that should be ready for release in the coming weeks. We sure hope it’ll be ready for the next update. Please bear with us until then.

    Thanks for bringing this up to us and for your patience — much appreciated!

    And do let me know if you have any other questions regarding our service — as always, I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice weekend!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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