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  • Three solutions I´ve been looking for, unsuccessfully. Please, if there is a known answer to any of these questions and I´ve just managed to miss them, just send me there, please …

    1- I have two blogs and want that one of them just link to a “page tab” in my navigation bar. Let´s say, imagine that when people click in “about us”, they actually get into a totally different blog.

    2- I created a page for bibliography (different texts published about my work.. I´m a visual artist) and some of them are very long and they are all in the same page, as an extra long post. Is there a way to create an excerpt from each different text linked to a backing page (like what <<!–nextpage–>> does, but using more than one in the same page). Imagine three excerpts in the same page, each of them showing the backing pages (pagination) at the button; but still the three paragraphs in the same page.

    3- I would like to have an “open to edit” page. This will be like a “wiki” page where multiple users can edit that page but ONLY that page.

    Sorry if it´s confusing… my mother tongue is not English and my wordpress knowledge very limited.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • esmi


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    2. I don’t know of any plugin that can do this (although that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one out there somewhere). It could be done, in theory, using a customised template of one kind or another.

    3. Try looking at some of the role management plugins.

    Thanks esmi.

    Will try number 1 and will check number 3; although I´ve been checking them for a while and haven´t found any able to do exactly this… will keep trying though.

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