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  • Hello Everyone,

    Couple of questions:

    I’m putting together a pseudo-wiki for work and I’d like to break out a few functions related to the admin and place them on their own pages.

    1. User-profile
    2. John Godley’s absolutely wonderful Audit Trail plugin (for “History”)
    3. And a few other miscellaneous items

    1st Question:
    Is it possible to de-couple the Ajax-related areas of the admin (in, for example, the right-hand panels) and assign then to seperate pages? I’m looking to create a tab from the main blog named ‘History’ and drop his Audit-trail into it, but I’m having a really difficult time trying to reverse-engineer this technology. Any insights, restrictions, etc.?

    2nd Question:
    Is it possible to break out individual Admin-pages and place them on their own page? Similar to the above, I’d like to create a button at the top of the page named “Profile” that, when clicked, opens up a GreyBox-like pop-up window so that the user can quickly edit all of the related aspects of their login.

    3rd Question:
    Can anyone point me in any directions related to this subject? I’ve been looking all around the web for related questions/solutions but as of yet haven’t found anything.


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  • No.

    You would have to code all this on your own.

    The structure of the user table is here:

    The comments and posts table structures are there, too.

    It can be done, but it’s not easy.

    You will have to look at all the different processes in the admin page, and copy the functions (or come up with your own code) to a page template. You can assign that template to a new page you can publish on your blog. I have done this for user registration and some other features.

    However, when there are a lot of management functionalities you want to port to the “front-end”, it is probably easier to dive into the css of the admin pages and adjust them to fit the style of your website.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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