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    I have my WP development running well on my local development server. I have set up remote access via so that my clients can remotely log in when I need them to review the current development status.

    In order to get into my local development server its simply a matter of setting my modem/routers ip address in dnydns and having port forwarding turned on in my modem.

    This work wonderfully for any static web sites I develop for my clients but not for my WP development.

    When testing this locally (within my domain) the WP works wonderfully but when clients are coming in they get only a non-css’d presentation with hard coded ip’s of (my internal server).

    What do I need to correct to allow remote access to my local WP install?


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  • I should have added, changing wp_options siteurl to my dyndns address allows remote access to the home page, it does not correct the child pages which continues to report (which is my local development server). And trying to now login to my local development server via automatically takes me to http://dyndns_address/wp-admin and I am unable to log in with my regular credentials.

    Additional install info (server WAMP on Windozs 7).

    RTFI – Closing request. I failed to update the wp_options record where option_name = ‘home’ to the remote url that points back to my local site.

    So, in review setting the wp_config records where option_name = ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ corrected the remote access.

    I have also modified my httpd.conf and uncommented the line

    “LoadModule rewrite_module modules/”

    Remote access is working correctly (after really quick check) and so is local access to my dashboard.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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