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  • First, 5 stars for versatility (different types of forms for posts, contact, etc.), options (very fine grain), support, file attachment to post, one time purchase (no subscription), and ease of use (after you see the Quick Tags in Add New form).

    I originally just needed a post with a file attachment. Every other plugin allows image attachments, but I needed file attachment.

    I literally tried and purchased every plugin I could find on Google (from BuddyDev to CodeCanyon) that didn’t require a subscription – and they all had their limitations (including the others I purchased).

    Finally, I took my chances with USP – it was intimidating as hell, because all I saw were Custom Fields and thought I had to learn a scripting, syntax, etc. to make form, but what I discovered was in the new form, my “visual” editor was on instead of “text” – once I clicked that tab on the editor for the form, all the Quick Tag buttons appeared and the plugin became smooth sailing…except one thing.

    This plugin, like every other plugin (without a yearly subscription of mucho dollars), only allow users to create forms, and not edit or delete them on frontend. Some plugins allow editing and deleting on frontend, but don’t allow file upload. Editing isn’t what I wanted, but I did want users who created their post, be able to delete it, so I had to code this myself, as I also coded a limit of 5 post max per user (so they would have to delete at least one, if they wanted to add another post).

    Note: GDPR – this plugin is compliant – any website that allow users to post content without the user needing to concede personal information, that website owns the post, legally not needing to offer a “delete” button (not applicable to me and my website, I just need users to be able to delete for usability reasons).

    In summary – great plugin with no frontend editing or deleting, but you can code that yourself. Yet – it’s a great plugin, because it’s relatively cheap, and you get to actually attach files that are shown with the post that users can download/read. Plus there’s the options – fine grain options – from max title to max characters in content, from email alerts to anti-spam, from unique post titles to unique post content, from author assigned to category settings, from required fields to max file size upload, from feature images to auto-rotate images…and so much more.

    PS the plugin is lighter than you think – even with this plugin and 61 other plugins, theme, custom code, my load time is 742ms.

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