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    Great directory plugin, very sleek. Only a few issues:

    1. I switched off rating extension in settings yet 0 stars still appears both on listing’s individual page and in search results (+all listings).

    2. In search results and all listings view, a category of all listings appears as OTHERS and location of all listings appears blank.

    Another question I have is how to hook the custom post type in theme (where and how the code should look like) as I am not a developer. As of now, all listings appear unformatted.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author aazztech



    Thank you very much for using the plugin.

    We are sorry that you are facing some issues with the plugin.

    We have checked the 2 issues you mentioned and we found the issue related to review toggle is true. We will provide the fix in the next update. A big update is coming with new features very soon.

    And As for category issue, we did not find any issue on the search page and all listings page. All categories are displaying correctly.

    Please try to test the plugin with any other theme or turn of other plugins temporarily and see if it fixes the issue with a category, location, and formatting. If you issue of category and formatting still exist, then please try to provide us the link to the site where you used it if you do not have any problem to share. Then we may understand the cause of the problem. Because in our test, we could not reproduce the problem you are facing with category and formatting.

    And we are sorry that we could not understand your last question properly regarding custom post type in your theme. Did you mean to customize our listing post type in your theme? We would love to help you if you can explain a bit more.

    Thank you for your swift response.

    1. Noted re the update. waiting.
    2. I tried to turn off all plugins one by one – the issue persists. I also tried to change Theme for 2015 and the issue still appears. Categories remain as OTHERS and locations remain blank. However, on the individual listing page location and category is shown correctly. I have disabled Coming Soon Mode for you to have a look, the website submitted with the initial ticket. I would appreciate if you can have a look.

    3. Regarding my third question – my theme supports custom type posts. I would normally need to set up a template for each type of post. The listing is a new custom post type by definition but it doesn’t appear as an option in templates page. I thought there might be an easy way to register listings as a custom post type. I would likely need to sort it with the Theme providers. You can see what I mean (unformatted listings) by clicking on the individual listing on the website submitted.

    Please let me know your thoughts/findings re the location and category.

    Kind regards,

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    Just to let you know that today ‘OTHERS’ (all capitals) changed to ‘Others’ (Only first letter is capital and others in lower case).
    Hope it will be helpful.

    Kind regards.

    Plugin Author aazztech


    Thank you very much for your cooperation and patience.

    Based on your information and our test, we guess that the problem is related to your theme and especially the page builder. Because we found some strange output and behavior of the plugin on your site which is supposed not to happen.

    For example, on the single listing page, we can see a phone number label is displayed while there is no phone number. But we checked in our code, if a phone number field or any other fields do not have any value, then no content should display related to that field. But we can see empty label outputted. And there are a few issues too.

    And regarding custom page template for this custom post type. The plugin is designed in a way to provide nearly 100% compatibility with any theme. Therefore, the plugin uses the general single post template to output its content instead of using a dedicated custom template. Because every theme will break a custom post template if one is provided by a plugin. And not every theme will provide an option to add a custom post template for a custom post. Therefore, we use theme’s default post template for outputting the content of single listing. We hope you will understand the situation.

    The bottom line is that we believe the problem is with your theme. In order to confirm is 100%, we would like you to try our own theme that is built exclusively for directorist. You can try it for free. If you can, please test this theme and let us know the result of your test if problems related to cats and broken layout fixes. You can always go back to your previous theme after the test.

    Directoria theme:

    Thank you for your response.

    I downloaded and installed your theme and deactivated Live Composer. It solved the Phone Number glitch you pointed out. However, the ‘Others’ issue still persists.
    I am happy to ignore the minor ‘phone number’ issue as long as the site looks like my main website. So I’m pretty much tied to the theme and Live Composer.

    I can get the extension with LC to allow for the custom post type, so the issue of broken layout can easily be solved. I only need to get the categories right in All Listings, Search Results and Other Similar Listings. Could it have something to do with my database?

    Kind regards,


    Just checked the database, nothing unusual there. Definitely no “Others” in taxonomy.
    I have also repaired the database but with no luck.

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author aazztech


    We are very sorry for the category-related issue you are facing. As we told you before, we tested it before and again, we have tested a fresh version of the plugin downloading from the WordPress Plugin repository on a completely new server and a new website and a new WordPress installation today. In our test, category shows perfectly on every page including all listings page, search page etc.

    It should show the text ‘Others’ if the listing is not assigned to any category. And this is what is happening to your website even if you are saying you assigned the category to the listing properly. Honestly speaking, we are really surprised about this problem.

    But please do not worry. We care our user a lot. We can fix it. Please drop us a mail at contact[at] for more discussion.

    Thank you for your response. Since you gave me the idea of what might be the issue, I tried amending categories and see what changes. I deleted all categories and created new ones. My findings below:

    1. The categories on All Listings only appear to show the Main category, not subcategories. I have ticked both main category and subcategory for it to appear on main listings.

    2. If the categories are changed and saved, the changes didn’t reflect on All Listings view even after clearing the cache. I had to change the status of the listing to Draft, refresh and then change it again back to Published.

    That seems to have worked.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Now waiting for the update to remove ’empty’ stars from the view.


    Plugin Author aazztech


    Congratulations. We are happy that you have found a solution to the problem. And a good news is that we have solved the empty star/review related problem in our current development branch of the Directorist plugin. So, you will get this problem solved in the next released and we are working very hard to release the next version. Next version will have some other features too and monetization feature is one of them. A user will be able to activate or deactivate any feature though. Thank you.

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