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    Thank you for your great plugin.

    The setting page of the Extention manager isnt showing properly. it is crampped to the right side of the screen.

    This seems to be a direct conflict with my security plugin (BPS PRO, which is a very good plugin), because when I disable bps, the setting shows properly.

    I contacted the bps developer, and while he promised to make some exclusion conditions for the tsfem setting page in the next release, he made some technical suggestions which might help resolve the issue on the tsf side.

    So I am sharing it with you:

    the problem is that the BPS Pro status display div id is being injected with a div style by the TSF plugin’s HTML and CSS code. Somehow the TSF plugin is adding it’s HTML and CSS code inside of BPS Pro Status Display. Most likely the TSF plugin just needs to add a div id at the top of their page instead of starting with a div style.

    The BPS Pro Status Display <div id> loads on/above the TSF plugin’s page, but since the TSF plugin is not starting their page with a <div id> then the <div style that they are using instead is being messed up. You should always start a div section using <div id>. <div id> is a “code break”, where <div style> is a code wrap/continuation. A <div style> is not an official or good way to create a start/break.

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @farokhheidari,

    There’s nothing I can do to resolve this. This is a third-party issue which isn’t isolated to TSFEM.

    I can’t comment on this (in full confidence) without getting my hands on the issue. However, I do wish to rectify a few comments.

    TSFEM enqueues CSS via WordPress’ Dependencies API.
    TSFEM enqueues its admin pages via WordPress’ Admin(Menu) API.

    There are no inconsistencies involved in this. This is to say that the code is sequentially outputted and doesn’t allow third-party interference via WordPress’ API.

    That the page isn’t as expected is a different story. We use CSS3/4 “flexbox”, instead of CSS2 “float and tables”. With flexbox, when unexpected output interferes, it goes haywire; it should be a hand-tailored environment.

    Like our plugins, we expect other plugins to defer from taking over the admin–and although I understand that “security” plugins want to be in your face for clarity, I think there are better ways, like notifications via the admin bar.

    With that said, I suspect a bug/non-condition in their JavaScript code. I derived this from the emphasized word “injected”, looking for a “code-break”. I suggest the authors to just use WordPress’ built-in notification API, utilize the admin bar, or look for the H1-tag instead.

    Thread Starter farokhheidari


    Thanks for the response.

    Regardless of that minor issue, which can be overlooked, both plugins function normally.

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