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  • I am starting to put together a website that will have several levels to its main navigation (similar to the main navigation on and I want to make sure I’m taking the right approach to the template before I proceed!

    I have built custom taxonomies for local areas and business types, that works fine. I also understand custom post types. I now want to insert these taxonomies into some of the navigation sub-menus.

    The question:
    Is the right approach to use wp_nav_menu with an extension of the Walker class? As I see it I can use the Walker class to cycle through pages as required, but in certain sections deviate and loop through taxonomy items in a sub-branch. Example structure below.


    Areas (page)
     AreaA (area-taxonomy)
      AreaAB (area-taxonomy)
     AreaB (area-taxonomy)
     My City (page)
    Businesses (page)
     Register your business (page)
     Businesses (business taxonomy)
      BusinessType1 (business-type taxonomy)
       BusinessType2 (business-type taxonomy)
       BusinessType3 (business-type taxonomy)
      BusinessType4 (business-type taxonomy)
      BusinessType5 (business-type taxonomy)
     New Businesses (page)

    As you can see some of the sub-pages will be the roots of taxonomies. Pages would not feature within a taxonomy sub-tree.

    (Side note: This is my first ever question, testament to the excellent API, examples and documentation of WordPress. I could never switch to anything else!)

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