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    Yes, I’ve seen problems like this posted before but I’ve either attempted those solutions with no success or else they were over my head so I wasn’t able to follow them, so I’m asking:

    I have one sidebar on the left-hand side of my page that is solid purple placed on a black background. Now when there is not much text on the page (example), the site appears fine. However, when there is a lot of text on the page, the sidebar does not extend all the way down to the footer (example). This leaves a large black space and basically ruins the look of the site.

    How do I extend the purple of the sidebar so it goes all the way down to the footer/bottom of the page despite differences in page length?

    I’m using the Suffusion Theme as my base, but I’ve made a good number of edits, as you can probably see. I don’t know if this helps, but in “sidebar-1” I have only the “text” widget which begins <table border="0" cellpadding="15" width="200" height="100%">
    And then the rest of the content of the sidebar is coded by me in html and clearly the [i]height=”100%”[/i] does not work.

    (For the record, yes, I have asked for help at Suffusion help forums, but so far no luck. I really need help here because I am at the end of my rope with this and have no idea what else to try.)

    Thank you in advance and let me know if there’s any other information you need that would help you help me fix the problem.

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  • Try googling on “css faux columns”

    A tall ask if you expect to get instant help on Suffusion’s forum, particularly if you post a clarification for your question today, almost 3 months after my asking you what exactly you wanted to do. This might help you: It uses the CSS faux columns technique that Esmi mentioned.

    Sorry, I meant no offense to you. I was not expecting an immediate response here or there, but I wanted it to be known that I was trying both places. The comment about being at the end of my rope was because I have continued to try to figure this out on my own with no luck, clearly not because you have failed to be helpful. So again, I apologize if my wording offended or insulted you. That was definitely not my intent.

    Thank you so much. Copying that code into my CSS seemed to have solved the problem I have been struggling with for months totally seamlessly.

    No offense taken – don’t worry about it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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