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  1. lizat
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I want to extend the information that I store about members. I am new to both WordPress & Wishlist. It seems from my discussion with WishList support that it does not extend the db however I think I must be able to do this in WordPress...since it's a database I had assumed that I can somehow define extra fields against the member table? So this post is about both products and I will also post on the WishList forum so, hopefully, I get answers to all aspects. The questions are these:

  2. Can I extend the data stored against members - and how?
  3. If I can when Wishlist handles membership registration & Renewal how can i seamlessly request all the manadatory data required of a member? I don't want to charge soemone before I have all the information that we require?
  4. When a member maintains his data how would he do this?
  5. Has anyone done something like this and what advice would you give? Or, perhaps there's some documentation somewhere?

    Many thanks......................... liz

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