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  • I’m pretty new to creating sidebar widgets and OOP programming in general so please excuse any ignorance you see. 😉

    So I have a widget that takes an RSS feed url, passes it to a class and ultimately spits out HTML. The class itself is in a second file that gets included. It works just fine if I put the code on, say, sidebar.php, but as soon as I put it in it’s own widget I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::addStory() in /THEPATH/wp-content/plugins/widgets/rss/rssreader.php on line 413

    It’s a lot of code to paste in context here, but here’s the cut down version:

    $url = ‘myrssurl’;
    $rss = new rssFeed($url);

    class rssFeed {
    function parse() {

    function someFunction() {

    I really appreciate any input.


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