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  • Have updated the Permalink Validator to version 0.4, which should fix issues with bbPress integration.

    What forum software are you using ?

    See that you are using the Simple Forum plugin.

    Maybe I should implement an option to exclude pages from being validated for the different forum software solutions out there.

    Have updated the Development Version with a little hack, so you can add urls that should not be included in validation.

    After installing the plugin use the plugin editor and modify the Permalink Validator code so the $excludes array contains the sub-pages to exclude from validation.

    Guess I’m a lazy programmer for not creating a proper plugin options interface.

    I grabbed the dev version, put “/forum” in the excludes line and voila, happy bunny again.


    Am I missing something?

    On IIS using ISAPI rewrite. WordPress is installed at the root of the site. I have a custom html page I’d like to display, that is not part of wordpress, located at /state/index.html . I added “/state/” to the excludes array, with no change. The only way to get this page to show up is to type in the full URI to the file /state/index.html . Is there anyway to tell my ISAPI rewriting module to ignore this directory (state) altogether?

    Try adding this to your isapi_rewrite httpd.ini, it should redirect any request for anything located below the state folder:

    RewriteRule /state/(.*) /state/$1 [L]

    Since the pages are not part of WordPress then you don’t have to modify the Permalink Validator.

    I’m using iis too and I’m having a problem with a static front page.
    I’m using PV .5 and WP 2.3.1
    My permalink structure is:

    I tried to add /news-and-events/ and /index.php/news-and-events/ to the $exclude array but it still returns to the front page is the front page
    and is the posts page.

    A bug was introduced in Permalink Validator 0.5 during a code cleanup. Have fixed the bug, so update to ver. 0.6 and it should work.

    Sorry about the trouble


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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