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  • Hi!
    If I use an extended-entry in my weblog (i.e. the more tag) then everything beyond the entry is not shown in the feeds. This applies to 0.71 an 0.72b2. Any solutions?

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  • Hey, this has bugged me too, but I never took the time to fix it until now; so thanks for bringing it up. It should use the full post since we already have an option to limit the feed length.
    My solution is to just add ‘$more = 1;’ before the description and content:encoded tags (for example line 77 in b2rss2.php):
    <pre><?php if ($rss_use_excerpt) {</pre>
    <pre><?php $more = 1; if ($rss_use_excerpt) {</pre>
    You can add this to the other rss/rdf files as well. I’ve checked the changes in to CVS.

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