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  • It would be nice if the wpColorPicker supported the Iris options. I’d liek to be able to use its mode and controls options.

    As Iris is developed by Automattic, why bother with all its options if they’re not supported?

    You could argue to just use Iris instead of wpColorPicker. But that flies in the face of the (very good) principle of having wpColorPicker.

    To quote:

    wpColorPicker is set of UI controls wrapped around the underlying Iris color picker. We did things this way so that, if a better color picker comes along, we can more easily swap it out.

    From New color picker in WP 3.5

    Ironic that the Iris demo page repeatedly shows the hue in the slider control, but wpColorPicker locks hue into the secondary selector area of the 2D selector. Which makes selecting and holding a color hue very finicky.

    Please add to wpColorPicker’s all of Iris’ options – especially mode and controls.

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  • Ideally, I’d like the wpColorPicker by default to have the hue as the primary control (i.e. in the slider). So then I can pick my colour and not lose it when I start adjusting lightness.

    I would assume most people would have wanted easiest control over color, not saturation. But have been told user testing favoured the latter. Weird!

    PS Yes, I know that really, we’d most of the time have a hex colour code and just enter that anyway. But sometimes we experiment. And, notably, hue in the slider is the Photoshop default.

    It just OS pickers that seem to think saturation is the thing people want tightest control on. I reckon it’s just a visual thing, not usability – i.e. the big rainbow looks better in the OS interface.

    As I said, Photoshop defaults to the hue in the primary slider

    So does Sketch

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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