• Is there anyway to allow me to extend the User Whitelist to whitelist either individual users or roles?

    There is a conflict with posting some of my Divi pages. I would like to only have the Editors whitelisted. We also use the Subscriber role and want them to still have the Firewall on.

    I can’t add it to the .htninja dues to the fact that WP isn’t loaded yet.

    Screenshot http://x-v.it/o5n9th

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    Can I test for the role and set $_SESSION[‘nfw_goodguy’] = 1 in my fucntions.php file? Will respect that if I set it?

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    In the free WP version, $_SESSION['nfw_goodguy'] is the admin only or all whitelisted users. There’s no alternative. In the premium WP+ version, you can whitelist an editor and it will have the $_SESSION['nfw_goodguy'] flag set.
    You can set it yourself if you want but in the next version of NinjaFirewall, v4.0 that we are going to release in the next few days, we added $_SESSION['nfw_user_can'] which is used to automatically whitelist the editor or author when they are using the Block Editor or the Classic Editor. Its value is either ‘edit_pages’ (editor role or above) or ‘edit_posts’ (author role or above).
    You could rely on it.
    You can make some tests with NinjaFirewall 4.0-RC1 that we released yesterday.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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