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  1. webwerkplaats
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I use GWOLLE guestbook. It doesnt store in wp_posts so search will not display any results from whatever is in the GWOLLE Guestbook.

    How can you make WordPress search an other/extra table.
    Some specifics:
    database = my_base
    Table = wp_gwolle_gb_entries
    Row = entry_author_origin

    used query that displays right results in PHPMyadmin:
    (aah yes...Rijen means Rows)

    SELECT COUNT( * ) AS Rijen , entry_author_origin
    FROM wp_gwolle_gb_entries
    GROUP BY entry_author_origin
    ORDER BY entry_author_origin
    LIMIT 0 , 30

    I tried "advanced search2.0" which is close, "search-everything" which doesnt search everywhere... None of these plugins searches the entire database

    I hope somebody can helpme because i'm not such a coder myself..
    Kind regards,


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