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  • Hey Everyone,

    My website, being a technology enthusiast community that occasionally does hardware reviews requires a pretty decent pagination system; one that can allow you to hide the “intro” text (the text before the more break), view a table of contents of the pages, etc.

    Currently, I’m forced to use Joomla due to this WordPress limitation, although I would be much happier if I could use WP. Is there any plugins or ways to improve the post pagination system in wordpress?

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  • Could you explain what exactly you want to do? Also, please post a link.

    Okay, here is my website, which is currently powered by Joomla:

    Here is one of our hardware reviews:

    As you can see, it’s paginated; the review is 9 pages long. I could paginate posts in WP as well, but there’s a few features that I don’t have, such as the ability to have an article index that allows people to jump from page to page, whether it be like it is in Joomla or in a drop down box, or the ability to give each page a different name.

    Also, I cannot hide the “intro text”. By intro text, I mean a brief paragraph on what the review is about, followed by a picture of the item(s) being reviewed. Scroll down here: , and you’ll stumble upon the SideWinder review that I linked to above.

    If you click “Continue Reading”, the text would be there that you saw in the post, even though it’s unwanted. When people click on a review, I want to hide the intro text and just have it begin at the “Introduction” heading. This is a pretty nifty feature in Joomla that I would love to have in WP.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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