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    I need to extend the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin to be able to redirect also all author feeds.

    The url to feedburner can be standardized (http://www.feedburner/domainname/author-username) or I can set it for each author independently if it’s easier on coding side.

    I can code the changes myself, but some hints for start the work can be great. I think the solution is to add global variables in ol_feed_redirect() and use them, but which ones ?

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  • For reference, we have actually:

    function ol_feed_redirect() {
      global $wp, $feedburner_settings, $feed, $withcomments;
      if (...) {
        // Global rss feed
      } elseif (...) (
        // Comment feed

    $withcomments is a boolean variable who allow the redirection to the good feedburner when it’s the comment rss. What variable did we have for the author rss ?

    Finally! I’ve search a long time around $withcomments, but is’t just not the good direction. The answer is: $wp->query_vars['author_name']

    Like $wp->query_vars['category_name'] which is pretty evident after reflection. The good thing is that I now understand that we can generate a rss feed for any entry (including page who don’t accept comments) just by adding /rss in the url.

    Now, all what I hope, is too see feedburner support multiple feeds 🙂

    I was looking to do the same sort of thing
    In the end, I ditched feedsmith plugin for a simple redirection plugin. easy.
    Ill just set up a feedburner for each author and each major category!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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