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  • I installed a WordPress (self-hosted) site in a subdirectory on my domain, like:

    I’m now wondering if I can use (“extend”?) the same WordPress installation for different subdomains on the same site, e.g.:

    Can the same installation be “extended” to the different subdomain? Or would I need a separate WP installation, separate database, etc?

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    It sounds like you want to create a multisite network:

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    Thank you. I’m now looking at that option.

    It looks a tad daunting at first, and difficult to choose between subdomain and subdirectory/subfolder. I’m wondering what the pros and cons of each are as they might be applicable to my idea.

    Also the pros and cons of a multisite vs multiple WordPress installs in subdirectories.

    I’m anxious not to destroy the SEO from the existing subfolder installation.

    The only real difference is how much each site should “join up”. If each sub-site is a bigger part of a whole, sub-folders will normally be best, but if each sub-site is it’s own distinct entity then sub-domains is normally best. Note that I say normally in both cases as there’s always projects that don’t conform to this idea.

    If you are concerned with SEO, stick with sub-directories. Firstly so that you can keep what you’ve got now, so less work, and secondly because sub-folders makes everything look like one big site instead of sub-domains being seen as all individual smaller sites.

    As far as a Network vs multiple installations. a Netwoek will let you controll everything from one central location, so all updates and maintenenace will happen at once on one place so administation is easier. The main advantage of multiple installations is that if any issues do occur it will only affect the site in uestion insted of affecting the entire network of sites.

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    Thank you @catacaustic. Your advice is to the point and makes sense.

    I think subdirectories will perhaps be best for my purposes.

    I also take your point about preferring a multisite network over separate installs, so now I must study the best guides for transforming the existing single subdirectory installation into a network that will accept other installations into other subdirectories – and the domain root, for that matter (it’s been rather left dangling since the single existing subdirectory install started out as a kind of experiment that turned out quite well).

    As you can see I have much to learn here. But thanks again.

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    One thing I find rather confusing on the network guide page is the advice which says, “If you plan to run WordPress out of its own directory, do that before activating Multisite.”

    Much of the linked guide page on that talks about moving WordPress to a subdirectory – but mine’s already in one.

    But, my root has no WordPress install (in fact it has nothing at all yet), so should I move the existing subdirectory WordPress installation to there (root), before changing to the network/multisite? (I have a feeling this sounds right; if it is, is there a good guide for doing this?)

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    How do I set up a multisite that will include the root directory while my existing installation with its established SEO is in a subdirectory? Anyone?

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    If I make a fresh WordPress installation into the root of my domain, would it interfere in any way with the separate installation in ?

    (I would use the same database as used by but with a different prefix.)

    I realise that I would have to refrain from allowing any category or similar in the root installation to be named /john, but other than that, might I experience any other unforeseen problems?

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