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    I recently learned that in WordPress, you can do searches for articles based on multiple tags, e.g.

    However, it seems that these tag combination URLs have to be constructed manually.

    What I am trying to do is find a way of having multiple tag combinations exposed to Google. For example, check out this Google search:

    ZDNet exposes various combinations of tags to Google so that when people search on that combination of terms, ZDnet gets very high search ranking, with page titles like: Telstra, BigPond, Broadband | ZDNet Australia.

    Since multiple tag queries seem to have to be manually constructed in WordPress, I’m looking for a plugin which can create tag combinations and expose them to Google — preferably in a Google Sitemap or in an easily crawled HTML list.

    Ideally the plugin would analyse for each tag what the most commonly used tag combinations are and build the links for Google around that.

    Anyone know of a plugin like this?

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  • Did you ever find an easy way to do this? I’ve been looking everywhere, and I’m about to have to manually create many different combined search links in order to do a search page.

    I’m trying to do this to make something semi-complex into a more simple site. I’d like the first page to be showing all of the various combinations and giving an easy way to look through the possible entries.

    For an example, think about a bird guide done in WordPress. You can easily add all of the information using standard types of data, so no problem there. But if you want the user to be able to look up “blue” for color and “Washington” for what area at the same time, the only way I can find to do this is to have the user look up both of those terms at once or scroll all of the way through either the “blue” or “Washington” results.

    If there’s another way I should be thinking about this, or a plugin for something like this, please let me know.

    Thanks, Ian

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