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    Hi! I`ve decided to change theme on my website. So, I created a new database and import there all woocommerce products. How can I export Audioigniter playlists which were reffered to those products?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Vassilis Mastorostergios


    Hello, a usual WP database export should transfer all your AudioIgniter playlist. They are custom post types with the name of “ai_playlist”. Does this help?

    Yes, I already done that. But this is really hard. Because all playlists are in wp_posts and there is a mess. I need to choose only ai_playlist from all files.
    After I exported playlists they are empty inside. Because all information in wp_postmeta. Now I need do the same procedure and this is crazy. There is 256,431 files inside and I need to choose only audioigniter tag.

    Plugin Author Vassilis Mastorostergios


    Unfortunately this is an inherent difficulty with how WordPress is structured (and mainly its DB schema – which is not that optimal). If you also need to keep ID references exactly the same the situation gets incrementally more difficult because you need to make sure that already assigned IDs are not occupied in the new installation.

    I can’t see any other way other than:

    1. Try to export the part of the database where playlists are defined (with a really complicated query – which will also have to contain image files) and somehow import them back to the new database. I don’t see this as feasible.

    2. Export *everything* on your old WP installation, including images, playlists etc, either via the WP import/export plugin or with a DB migration. Then start actually bulk deleting the stuff you don’t need (e.g. everything except WooCommerce and AudioIgniter playlists).

    I think if I had to do this I’d definitely go with option no 2.

    Thanks. Well I w am doing part 1, I have only 300 items. Still this is much faster way instead of getting new 300 playlists with players and getting url again. I can do this in 1 day instead of weeks.

    Do you plan to get waveform style, like in WavePlayer 2.0? This is very cool feature.

    Plugin Author Vassilis Mastorostergios


    Heya, I think that you won’t need to get the URLs again if you import, not sure if you’re using IDs or not though.

    Regarding the waveform, we’re exploring the possibility of adding waveforms but I can’t promise anything at the moment.

    Thank you for using our plugin šŸ™‚

    Each playlist has its ID, which is using in product options. So yeah, I have exported all playlists, but they are empty. Will create them again, no options here. Thanks.

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