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  • I’ve just implemented Adminimize, and have found it to be a really great way of managing which functionality, menus, and other things are visible to any of the roles which are supported on my system. After testing a number of roles, in which I have enabled and disabled access to functions, modules, etc, I would like to export all of the options which I’ve configured in my test site, and import them into my production site.

    Your responses about exporting options are unfortunately a little vague, so I’ve got a few specific questions for you.
    1) Does Adminimize export only the options which are set from within Adminimize, or does it include other options?
    2) When I export the options, and import them into another site, since these options are related to specific roles, it is necessary that the site into which I am importing the options be prepared in advance by creating all of the necessary roles, or will the import of the options file also create the new roles, as necessary.
    3) The .seq file that is created is a TXT file, with a single record within. As I look at that file, I see numerous references to URLs for gravitars and specific attributes of individual users, etc. It seems odd to me to include all of this additional data in a file that is supposed to be an export of the permissions and access rights for roles, not users. Did I misunderstand the intention of this feature, and is the idea to be able to export every option in the system?

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