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  • hi,

    so I have an experiment site up and running to familairise myself with wordpress and how it works before doing work for a client.

    One problem im coming accross straight away is how to develop the new site on their server while keeping the current one live.

    What I currently have on my test site is two wordpress application installed. One in the root folder and one in a subdirectory named (this is how I intent to structure my clients project…

    I thought that I would be able to develop and build the new set in the development sub directory and once finished export the whole site to XML file on the wordpress admin area and then logon to the wordpress app installed on the root and import the xml file.

    In my head this should work fine. I can export the site fine but when I got to import I get a ton of errors. It seems they are related to the theme im using but its really bugging my why its not working.

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