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  • I have a WordPress site that I’ve been using for 2 1/2 years, and recently a friend made me a LiveJournal site (mostly so I could read private entries that him and some other friends were posting). But now that I have the journal I figure I may as well post to it.

    For new entries I have gotten the hack working to post to both my WordPress site and LiveJournal site, but for the 257 older posts there seems to be no automated way of doing so.

    I tried following the advice posted in the wiki link here but jlj wasn’t able to post any queued entries.

    So if someone has gotten this to work, either as described in the wiki or by some other way, some help would be nice.

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  • I take it you’re looking to give up wordpress and switch to blogging exclusively on livejournal? (I can’t see any other reason for wanting to transfer your archives there, since presumably anyone who wanted to read them would be able to do so on your wordpress blog.) If you find an answer I’d be interested to hear about it; I have over four years of entries in my diary and if I could import them into my lj it would save me from crossposting hell.

    Actually I think I’d stick with wordpress. It’s just that my wordpress site is run off a computer in my closet back home. It would be nice to have a nice backup site already in place for when the computer does die (it’s 7 years old now, so something’s gotta give). Plus, for whatever reason, they seem to post more comments on the lj already. It would give me freedom to make really weird/bleeding edge/ugly layouts and the people who just wanted the content could just go to the lj and get it there.

    If you follow the link, the the jlj thing seems promising, it’s just for whatever reason posting from a file doesn’t quite work for me. I believe there is a way to fix it, and I’m going to continue trying stuff until it does work, but I’ve got a lot of more important things that need doing so it’ll probably have to wait a bit.

    what gets me about this plugin, I get a 404 when I try to add a journal with it. I’ve tried just doing it on my shell, I’ve also tried sftping it after uncompressing it on my powerbook. I can’t add it in at all. Permissions are set to 755 so there’s read and execute for everybody.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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