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  • Just in case my answer in the review section gets deleted I’ll write it here as well (with a little editing).

    I would love to have an export/import function in the media library that would allow a user to export item titles from the media library (IDs as well in case the filenames need to be edited as well) in a csv file, set custom image titles and alt text (different from each other) externally in a spreadsheet and the import it back into the media library.
    Having the image IDs in the first column and file names in the second column, it would be easy to do things such as split and concatenate cells (and any other functions) to use the words in the file name in order to create unique (and different from each other) image titles and alt text and then drag-copy the formulas from the first row down to the last one.
    When completed, the exported csv file could be imported back into the wordpress media library and thus save hours of work trying to edit each image’s meta data individually.

    If the price would be acceptable I’d gladly pay for such a plugin and I’m sure I’m not the only one having to fill out or edit countless (hundreds) of images, especially in an ecommerce situation.

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    Regarding what you said in the review section, you could use the same engine to allow editing of titles and filenames as well directly in the media library and use a different engine for the pro version that would allow the export/import function.

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