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  • Tried a bulk export/import from my production site to a development copy site.

    On import to development copy site, as expected, it skipped the existing orders. However, for the new orders, it failed to insert them with warnings for each that there was a conflicting order ID from new blog posts added on the importing (development) site.

    So I exported again from production, and before importing to development, I manually deleted all existing records from the csv file to leave just the 3 new records. When I tried importing 3 new order records, they were all skipped due to ‘invalid file format’.

    I think the plugin has promise, but needs more testing, and proper guidance on any data format requirements.

    So I went searching through the review comments to see if anyone had encountered the same issues…

    The first 2-star reviewer (review titled “misleading”) wrote something I wish I had read before installing:
    “No information about the fact that you can’t retain the order ID when you import with the free version. It would have save me time if this was written somewhere..”

    The reply was:
    “Apart from that if the plugin helped to save your time, you can re-think about your review. It will encourage us to enhance more.”

    I searched in the plugin’s description page and found nothing about the fact you can’t retain the order ID. That review was 2 years and 11 months ago – enough time to add a one line heads-up about it in the plugin description.

    Therefore, I’m leaving a 1-star review.

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  • Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @ragrant0,

    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you had to face using the plugin.
    There is no error message “invalid file format” in the plugin. Could you pls confirm the plugin name you are using.

    If the error message “invalid date format” is displayed then its because the date format in the CSV file is wrong. Our plugin accepts orders with date format YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, and DD-MM-YYYY. Kindly makes sure that the format of the date in your CSV file is having any of these formats

    Also regarding “retain the order ID.” It will retain the same Order ID in the CSV if that ID is available in the database. Otherwise, it will skip/create new according to your choice when importing. If the ID present in the CSV is already existing then the order will be skipped from the import. If the ID column is left blank then the orders will be created with a new ID.

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