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    Hello, I need to export my user list and would like to know on which course each student is enrolled in as well.

    Im using wp all export with their user addon but I’m not finding a way to add the courses each student is enrolled in. Can you help me?

    I reached out to WP ALL Export support and this was their reply.

    “Exporting a list of courses a user is enrolled in would require a custom PHP function to be used, as that data is stored in a custom database table. I don’t know if they have a function that would help with this (and I’d advise contacting their support about this), but if they don’t, you would need to:

    #1: Add an additional “ID” field to the export template, and call your function on it.
    #2: The function would have to use WordPress’s database functions to query the “lifterlms_user_postmeta” table, check to see which courses the user is enrolled in & then return the names of the courses.”

    If anyone can help me I appreciate it. If it is too much work I open to receive quotes as well. Thank you

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    LifterLMS *does* have a function to see what courses a user is enrolled in:

    This will return you a list of all the course id’s that a student is enrolled in. You can use the WordPress core function get_the_title() to get the name of the course from that course id.

    All that said, you can simply use our export feature on your students list and this CSV will have a list of all your students as well as the courses (and memberships) they’re enrolled in.

    Maybe you need a more robust export which contains data not included in our export file, in which case custom PHP is your best solution.

    If you need a developer to hire check with our LifterLMS Experts:


    Yes, I should’ve checked the export option of LifterLMS.

    It works, thank you

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