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    Hi !

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin!

    I have an issue when exporting the sheets to CSV. Even if “Show remaining slots on sheet CSV exports?” is ticked, I don’t see empty slots in the export. Also, only 8 out of the 62 sheets are exported on CSV. It seems that the old sheets are not exported but only the oncoming ones.


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    I apologize for any confusion. I probably need to update the documentation and add a bit more about exports to make things more clear.

    First, the option to show the remaining slots is only used when exporting individual sheets, and was intended as an option for people to be able to print out sign up sheets for a single event that could then be used to have people manually sign up (on paper). For that to work, you need to view the signups for a single sheet first (on admin side), and then click on the export button at the bottom of the signups list table. If you want to see data for past/expired events, then you need to have the option enabled to “show expired events” in the admin side, and make sure that the option to “automatically clear expired signups” is NOT set (or else they are all deleted from the database, with no way to get them back unless you restore a database backup). If those two options are set correctly, then when you view an individual sheet on the admin side you will see expired signups and still be able to export them.

    Second, if you use that “Export All Data as CSV” button at the top of the main list of all sheets in the admin dashboard, that uses a different database query that ONLY retrieves data related to existing signups in the database. So, rather then exporting a bunch of empty data from empty sheets with no signups, it will ONLY export data related to existing signups in the database. It was mainly meant as a quick way for admins to get data for all volunteers who have signed up for something.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

    Thanks for the clarification !

    Then, it would be great to have such a feature: be able to export all data, also WITH empty slots, so that you can have all the sheets and have people to manually sign up on paper !

    Plugin Author DBAR Productions


    Feel free to add your feature request to the big list:

    Also, read this:

    Not currently enough interest, and not worth my time at this point. Tons of features would be “great” to have, as evidenced by the big list of feature requests, and I could easily spend several hundred hours rewriting a really great volunteer plugin that would be much better than the current free one, but it is simply not worth my time at this point. Sorry.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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