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    I’m very very VERY interested in buying the premium version of this plugin. It does all what I need in this moment but I have a doubt.

    I successfully connected my Amazon account from US and CA and import the listings, currently 1 with 12 variations (just starting). My situation is like this: I have my WooCommerce store connected to a third party in order to create the products on that third part and send them to WooCommerce, the third party creates de SKU. I want to send this product to Amazon with your plugin and not from Amazon to WooCommerce as I understand the plugin is designed.

    Is it possible to do this? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello Andres.

    I am happy to help you today.

    If your third party creates your products in Woocommerce, there is no reason why you cannot take those items on Woocommerce and list them to Amazon. That is mainly what WP-Lister is designed for, to take Woocommerce products and list them to your Amazon account(s).

    While you can import from Amazon to Woocommerce, that is not the main feature/purpose of WP-Lister. Go ahead and give the following links a read:

    WP-Lister for Amazon Documentation

    Profiles & Templates

    Listing Products to Amazon

    Listing Products to Amazon that don’t Exist in Amazon’s Catalog

    Listing Products to Amazon that do Exist in Amazon’s Catalog

    Kind regards,

    Thanks John, I just realized how to do that and it works like magic! I had some problems at first with the profiles but now it’s almost perfect.

    I just have a situation and can’t find a way to solve it:

    My first product listed is in the clothing category so I used that Feed Template. Every single field is correctly exported to Amazon but after the product and its variations finished the export, I get this in Amazon:

    Amazon Seller Central

    As You can see, the Status is “Inactive (Out of Stock)” because the number of items Available is 0. I can’t find in the Clothing Feed Template this field.

    Can You please give me a hand?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Andres.

    Did you make sure to add stock to your Woocommerce products? To add stock to your Woocommerce products simply locate the “Product Data” section in the edit product page, click the “Inventory” tab make sure the “Manage stock?” setting is enabled, then enter a stock amount in the “Stock quantity” field. Whatever is entered there, will be sent as the stock for that Amazon listing.

    Kind regards,

    Thanks John, I tought there was a field for that inside the Feed Template. 3 more things:

    1. In the Feed Template product description if I add a " the description is cutted and just shows the info before the ".

    2. In the Feed Template product description if I add a ' it’s changed to ? in Amazon.

    3. In the Feed Template – “Search Terms”, I’m adding the info this way "keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, keyword 5" but in Amazon is exporting nothing. I think it is because the structure is like the one for “Key Product Features” with 5 fields to populate and for “Search Terms” there is only 1 field.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello Andres.

    1.) You should either use the shortcode “[product_content]” to pull the Woocommerce description into the listing profile, or use the “Amazon custom description” box in the edit product page to provide a custom Amazon description for each listing.

    2.) I would ask Amazon about that. I am not sure why their system would interpret that as a “?”. If they are of no help, you should open a support ticket at with steps to reproduce the issue, and admin login credentials to your site and we can have a closer look at that for you.

    3.) The key product features are similar to bullet points. They aren’t used for search terms. So you would want to locate the bullet point fields to add bullet points.

    It sounds like this feed specifically uses “search terms” for keyword usage instead of the keyword 1, keyword 2 etc layout. So if you add keywords to each of those fields in the edit product page, they won’t work because this feed in particular does not use those fields. Instead you should simply add shortcodes or keywords to the “Search Terms” field.

    Also, we do have a code snippet that will allow the keywords from the Keywords 1 – 5 fields to be added into the generic keywords field of the listing profile for each listing but we would have to have a closer look on your site in order to possibly modify the code.

    Kind regards,

    Thanks for your reply. About:

    1. I’m using the product decription more like a FAQ section and it’s working great. It’s just that when a " is added to the description, it cuts it and send to Amazon just the info before the ". Actually this is more informative because I solved this by removing te " in my descriptions.

    2. I’ll ask Amazon and if Y don’t get a reply, I’ll open a ticket in Thanks for this.

    3. About the key product features is ok. They’re working great for me. And I understand the search terms, it’s just that if I were to create my listing manually in Amazon there is initially just one field for search terms and I have to click on the “Add more” button in order to be available to add max. 5. But when in the feed tempalte of your plugin I try to add this terms, I add more than 1 using commas but in Amazon nothing is displayed this way. I’ll try by using the tags in WooCoomerce products and I’ll let You know. If You want to take a look in my site is ok for me.

    Thanks for your time!

    Hello Andres.

    You are most welcome! Let me know if you need further help, and we can go from there if need be. If you decide to open a ticket on our support form on relating to your questions in this forum post, be sure to supply us with a link to this thread so we can get caught up more quickly.

    Kind regards,

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