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  • donchulio


    Hi Guys,

    is there any way to automatically export a specific event category to my google calendar or if this is not possible, to subscribe to the category by an ics file?

    This would be really great!


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  • jordanthedesigner


    Hello and thanks for the question,

    You can import either all future events, or just a single event, see our new docs on that –



    Thanks. πŸ™‚
    What will be the ics link for a specific category?



    That might be possible but it would require custom coding as it’s not an out-of-the-box feature. There are feeds generated per category at /category-name/feed/.



    I know exactly what your are asking… I do a lot of ical feed “subscriptions”…

    removed my response for testing purposes.. on a category and jordan’s notes.
    my apologies

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    I’m not part of support… just some dude..

    Not sure if you are asking for a specific “Button” like there is for an event..
    which there is currently not.

    You can get an ical feed from your category something like this..

    In the admin menu under the Events settings you have a link for all your categories..
    You can get the slug there.. or just “View” a category and then add the /ical to the end to see an example.

    You could put a place holder in like this telling people to right click and “Copy Link”
    <a href="#_CATEGORYICALURL"><strong>right click and "Copy Link" ICAL</strong></a>
    To add to their Google Calendar.

    There is also in Settings -> Formatting tab
    Event Categories

    and put that code above which would show on a the specific Category Page

    hope that helps..



    That helps, thank you!
    How could someone subscribe to this category so that he sees automatically the new events in his iCal or google calendar?



    It should all be automatic.. but it isn’t…

    On your computer.. your calendar program..
    In my Thunderbird Lightning calendar.
    Automatic depending upon your settings.
    When I loaded Thunderbird Lighnting… it did automatically update.

    For google…

    from this link!topic/calendar/Ehly_lxzDLE
    circa Jan 10th
    “How about a lab feature that makes google calendar sync URL subscribed calendar based on changes in the ics file subscribed to?
    As it is now, it only loads the ics once, then never updates (at least not within 24 hours).”

    and the response from google…
    “You are correct that subscribed calendars sometimes take a while to update, however Google Calendar does update them eventually. This is a actually a long-known issue….”

    Well that kinda sucks…

    I did try and add an event today on my website and it didn’t show up for an hour or so…
    Hitting the refresh button in google calendar didn’t help.
    I haven’t tested long than a couple of hours…

    Also note… when a person adds your link to google calendar…
    There is a little “tick” box.. to make it public.
    As far as I have tested, on my android… unless you tick that box it won’t show up on you phone, or tablet…
    Although it might be my app that I use for my Android won’t let me directly enter the Events Manager ical link.

    I work with a lot of other people’s calendars. This was my first working with EM.
    I went and checked a bunch of other websites… that are using other types of plugin’s with calendars.
    And it appears to be the same situation.

    There are two “Main” places in google calendar…
    “Your” Calendars, and “Other” Calendars.
    It appears “Single Events” can be added to “Your” Calendars, and sync quickly to your devices.
    Events calendars, like category, etc… go into “Other Calendars” in google.

    “Other Calendars”…And as stated above… seems it takes a while to updated them and show. I haven’t tested the “24hour” lag as mentioned above.
    The only comfort in this situation is that it not just an Events Manage situation and more of google issue.

    And if anybody has any info please chime in as these are my observations testing today.

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    NetWebLogic Support

    The only thing I can add is that there’s almost always a delay with Google Calendar updating. As you mentioned, it’s a long-standing “feature”…

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