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  • Resolved Hubert Nguyen


    Hello, the free version of the plugin seems to have an export option in /wp-admin/export.php (content blocks). That exports an standard WP export XML file with the Block-Lab blocks as an extension. Once imported, the blocks would supposedly work.

    The pro seems to have a different export that saves a Json file that is loaded (per page view or as a one-time init?) and the blocks are registered.

    Alternatively, it is also possible to rebuild the blocks manually in each WP installs, although that seems error-prone.

    What are the pros and cons for each method? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Ryan Kienstra


    Hi @hubertnguyen,
    Thanks a lot for using Block Lab.

    I’d highly recommend the using the PHP function block_lab_add_block(). It’s available in the free version of BL.

    The pro is that it can do everything that exporting a block can do, and it’s easy to copy the snippet into other WP sites. The con is that if you’ve already created a block, it’s a little more work the first time than simply exporting it.

    As you mentioned, another option in the free version is exporting all blocks via ‘Content Blocks’ via /wp-admin/export.php, like you mentioned.

    Then, you could import those via /wp-admin > Tools > Import > WordPress (not the Block Lab importer).

    This looks to work fine in my testing.

    The con is that it will import all Block Lab blocks. The pro is that if you’ve already created a lot of blocks, this will be easier, at least the first time.

    Per the policy of this forum, I don’t think I can comment on the Pro version here.

    Thanks, and let me know if you have more questions.

    Thanks for your fast answer. It seems like the programmatic way is the simplest from a deployment perspective, so I’ll probably go with that.

    I assume that the UI-based block and the code-based block would collide if I keep the same names. I’ll probably have to delete the UI-based block after re-creating it in code.

    It would be grand if a UI-block could generate its own PHP-creation code, like CPT.

    Actually, the XML export contains the JSON that I need, so it’s super-easy using json_decode.

    I can quickly prototype using the GUI, then when things are finalized, I export and get the JSON. Then I can “draft” the GUI-block to make sure that it’s not being initialized, but at the same time, I keep it handy in case I want to prototype something else.

    All good!


    Plugin Author Ryan Kienstra


    Hi Hubert,
    Great, that’s good that the XML export has the JSON to import.

    It would be grand if a UI-block could generate its own PHP-creation code, like CPT.

    Hm, that’s a good idea.

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