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  • I’m considering dual blogging, due to personal reasons, at both my self-hosted blog and my blog and would like to export posts of specific categories from my self-hosted WP.

    I’ve searched the forums, but the solutions I see all do not work with WordPress 2.3 and were posted many months ago, so I’ll have to post yet another topic on this matter.

    If I overlooked a topic with a solution that works with 2.3 please direct me. Thanks for your help.

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  • Did you know every category has its own RSS feed?
    So, one idea would be to save the category feeds for the categorys you want, then import them at via the Manage -> Import -> RSS option.

    Note: Be sure to visit Options -> Reading and set the feed post count to a large number for your feeds before starting the export.

    Hmmm, feeds… yeah I didn’t know there are category feeds. Thanks!

    The RSS feed doesn’t appear to contain comments for posts and I see the more link despite telling WordPress to display full posts in feeds. What should I do?

    Ah. Comments are definitely an issue — none show up in (any) feeds. Hmmm….

    As for the the other issue, I’m assuming you’re probably looking at it in a browser. Be sure to view source.

    I think it might be because of Google Analytics because I see something like

    <p><a href="[post permalink]/#more-371" class="more-link" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker ('/outbound/article/');">(more…)</a></p>

    in the source. Posts still get cut off after the more link.

    Since 2.1 or 2.2, all posts get get caught off at more link, regardless of if you’ve indicated full feed or not (it mentions that on Options -> Reading as well).

    I’d also like to do this — export posts from specific categories to import into a new blog. Any solutions for the comment issue? I really don’t want to lose the comments.

    I am also interested in a solution to this problem. I have to separate several categories at export and some of the categories have nearly 2,000 posts (too many to manually divide up after export). Any help would be great – thanks!

    The blog I needed to export from was running WordPress v2.0.2. I was willing to upgrade if necessary, but I found this plugin:

    I was able to export by category and import the exported file into WP 2.3.3 — it worked great for me!

    Jeff Chandler


    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    I too find myself in this predicament of wanting to simply export one category of posts into a new wordpress blog and although I could use the solution described above, since it doesn’t contain comments or tags, I don’t think that is a viable solution. Has anyone else come up with a way to do this while keeping metadata and comments in tact?


    Hi! I too need to export only one categroy of posts into a new WP blog, maintaining the author, the rest of the tags, the date and comments. It seems to me a simple thing to do but I cannot find a solution… I checked even WP Cloner (a commercial plugin), but I´m not sure if even with it this would be possible. Please, does anyone know how to do this?

    I think this should be featured in the Export option of the WP Administration Panel. It would be great if choosing one or several categories would be possible in addition to the available restriction of exporting only a specific author´s posts.

    Any help would be very much appreciated – I really need to find out a solution for this issue ASAP. Thanks!

    Where do I find the category feeds? I am splitting one blog into two due to a niche change, so I want to export all my posts related to one or two categories. I can’t see where to find the category feeds or how to export only certain posts…

    I figured it out due to this thread.



    I found a way to get this done

    It’s not the ideal way by any means, but it worked for me while preserving the meta data and also redirecting traffic/google juice from the old blog to the new one.

    Let’s hope one day it gets added to the built in import feature.

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