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  • I want to edit two lines in all my posts. I have a video blog site and I’m using a FLV player. I have editted my plugin settings to resize my flash player from now and make it bigger, but because the flash player size is posted everytime in the post I need to edit all posts.

    So I thought of exporting all my posts, using the new Export function and then import it, but when I click on export and Download Export File, I get a blank XML file.

    I wanted to know how to solve this and if this is indeed the best solution to resolve my problem.


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  • Browser, browser version, and OS please. Also do you have your browser set up to launch another program when it comes to *.xml files?

    I’m tempted to suggest exporting out the database myself and doing a search and replace on the file myself. Without knowing what exactly is being changed, it’s kind of hard to make an exact suggestion though.


    I have the same problem: the resulting xml file is empty. Tried it with Firefox 1.5 and IE6 on Linux.

    Would appreciate any help. I just spent hours to manually update the db tables of my WP test install, just to produce that darn XML file.

    I am moving my blog to, and I can’t access the db directly, which leaves me with this option only.



    UPDATE: When I leave the “Restrict Authors” field empty, the basic data (blog name, etc.) are being written to the resulting XML file. However, if I choose All or a certain author, the XML file is empty (and I mean, empty… not a single line to see). This might be a timeout problem, maybe too many posts (I have around 380 in my blog).

    Same problem here. I tried both Firefox and Camino on OS X. Medical’s solution worked for me – I could export my “admin” user account, but not a second user account. But it is not a issue of having too many posts – this is a very small site on which I don’t use the blog features, just “pages.” Also, the second user doesn’t work at all. I am going to go through and manually try changing all the users to be “admin” and try again…

    In doing this I notice that the pages in the other user’s name were created a long time ago, presumably imported or preserved from when my usernames were different. This user no longer exists, which may be what is causing the problem!

    UPDATE: Still can’t do “All” after changing ownership of all posts to “admin” however, at least when I do an “admin” export I’ll be sure to have everything, and that still works. May be that the user tables are corrupted…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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