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    Hi Mike,

    Hate to bother you again.

    I have some problems.
    Error #1)
    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 52166656) (tried to allocate 69158 bytes) in /homepages/14/d185101007/htdocs/mac/wp-content/plugins/phphtmllib/ on line 145

    Trying to do a MANAGE->ROSTER->EXPORT
    And getting this error message

    Error #2)
    Loading Event Group with events – Great. They load and Load with Meet ID ZERO as expected (hence no match to meet)
    Go to Meet tab. Load events, choose the group that contains events. It loads. Great. Now I have two sets of events (one with MEET ID ZERO and one with correct MEET ID number). Not a problem to have extra data as ZERO is the template to load.
    The issue is after registering the swimmer for the right events. They show on the report so META is OK. The HY-TEK export of the event roster list is not. Looks like only one record is showing and not looking correct?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Regarding #1: What format roster export are you choosing?

    Regarding #2: When you say “Hy-tek export of the event roster …” what do you means?

    Are you exporting a roster or meet entries?

    The roster is for a season, so when you export a roster you will get all active swimmers regardless of their status for any particular meet.

    If you want to have a meet entries file for a particular swim meet, export a meet entries file for the desired meet and it will include the swimmers who have (a) registered for the meet or (b) all swimmers except those who have scratched from the meet depending on how you wp-SwimTeam set up.

    Hi Mike,

    My bad.
    Using new beta 1.4 beta 6

    Export Meet Entries using the Hy-tek option. SDIF and RE1 and other and not tested. Looking to get the HYV file to be sent to other league meets so they can upload. We create the swimmers that are going to join the meet and event for other clubs. We need to be able to know which swimmers are registered for that meet and which events on the deadline so we can submit. Using MANGE->ROSTER-> to allow me to see the chart with export options. Trying to export from there? Is there another way?

    Nice to have for future:
    (it would be nice to allow a limit on events) (if there are 5 events for age group 10-11 at the meet. The meet may only require 4 MAX) This is not important at this time.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Here is how wp-SwimTeam works:

    1. wp-SwimTeam supports to models: All swimmers are assumed to be swimming in swim meets unless they are explicitly scratched or no swimmers are assumed to be swimming in a swim meet unless explicitly registered.
    2. Swimmers Registered for active season. This means the swimmers are available to swim in any meet that is part of the active season.
    3. Swim Meets are defined for an active season.
    4. Events are defined for a swim meet – there are several ways to do this but using an event group is recommended.
    5. Meet entries are generated (exported) for a specific swim meet. Depending on how wp-SwimTeam is set up (see above), entries are created for all swimmers except those scratched OR all swimmers registered for a meet are based on which events they are eligible for (based on age).
    6. Final adjustments, seeding, etc. are made in Hy-tek Meet Manager.

    No plans to limit events, that is a beyond the scope right now.

    So you are getting the memory error when using:

    Swim Team -> Manage -> Swim Meets -> Export Entries

    Is that correct?

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the info. Here is what I get.

    1)Most of the time they are swimming in our standard meets. Coaches usually take care of that list and manual scratches. Since we have about 20 or more extra meets that are not DUAL. These are usually a manual process that only select swimmers want to register. These entries need to be exported and sent. So, I use the thought process that if they are not registering for a meet they are scratched. They need to add themselves and choose the event they want to compete in. When deadline arrives, we dump the file and send it over to the other coaches in charge of the extra meets. They need to receive the electronic version with swimmer and event.

    2) Agree. Registering Swimmers for season active. They are allowed to swim for this seasons meets and/or events.

    3) Agreed, Each season, I will need to allocate meets that are active per season.

    4) Agreed, Now that I understand event group – makes sense. I have loaded the events into a group. Then go to the meet and reload again. This time the events are now attached to a meet. (hence duplicate data) Event group initial load = Meet ID = 0 and when events are loaded to meet ID – it is used. Two sets one meet.

    5) Right but – during registering for a Meet, the swimmer is chosen in the list box. Then the events are listed with a check box.

    6) Agreed, I anticipated this as we need to seed and adjust accordingly. But the initial load needs to come from Swimteam with the HYV file.

    That is fair. Maybe I can add a new field myself when I get a chance to see if I can expand the group or meet with max event per swimmer.

    The only way to see the new pop up that has the 4 export types is to use export roster.

    MANAGE-> ROSTER-> Export

    I will try it using meet to see if export is there.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Each meet can be noted as a register or scratch meet separately. You can have some of each. We had regular season events set ups as scratch where all swimmers are assumed swimming d 1-2 optional events where a small subset of dam swam. We set those up as ‘register’ meets.

    Hi Mike,

    I think before the beta, your swim team was producing the export file for all events for that swimmer registered.

    Since the two beta releases or three. We lost the ability to export the HYV file.

    Here is the result of MEET – EXPORT entries

    1 meet entries exported in Hy-tek HY3 format.

    Except I am suppose to have 4 entries for this swimmer.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I will have to look later tonight, I am away from my computer right now so I am going by memory.

    Exactly how we are setup.

    Scratch for normal meets where all swimmers are registered. Our coaches manage these meets and events.

    Register for meet that are for a hand full of swimmers to attend.
    These are the exports I need to send to the other coaches. AKA HYV files.

    Thanks Mike. When you get a chance. We always have manual processes in place for the time being.



    Hi Mike,

    Any update on the export of HY3 file?

    Here is the new error message:

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 52166656) (tried to allocate 54 bytes) in /homepages/14/d185101007/htdocs/mac/wp-includes/meta.php on line 571

    I will try again. But inside this meta include the line is looking for cache as it is building the internal table from a table select.

    not sure if relevant.



    This is usually a site issue – not a plugin specific one. Try increasing the memory available to PHP.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    In doing some testing tonight it looks like the E1 records in the entry files is wrong. It is definitely missing the Gender code for the event. It may be missing other fields too. I’ll have to chase this down. Unfortunately it is a fairly slow and tedious process to test the HY3 compatibility.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Found the problem with the E1 records and have a fix in place. Just need to test it before I can release an update. Will try to do that later in the day as I can’t use Team Viewer from work to access the machine running Meet Manager.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I have just posted a new beta release which fixes the problems with E1 records (which prevented swimmers from being registered for an event). You can find the new beta release on my web site.

    I still need to look at the Export / Out of Memory problem.



    Hi Mike,

    Looks like the HY3 export is still not working. Tried a few times in the XAMPP and not sure why. The data is in the meta table. Swimmers can register and meta is fine. Just the export of the HY3 is not working. Roster file exports are correct and still working. It is in the meet entries.

    The SDIF is getting exported correctly. The HY3 is coming up with just the first record and then empty. The function is showing a count of 1 during records getting exporting instead of 5.

    Inside the exported files SDIF and HY3 – title at the top show beta 1.4. Is this just a text field (defined) forgot to change to new beta version.

    If you need more info let me know. I will not move to production or live site so you cannot test there. I will wait until XAMPP send out a good export before moving code up.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Can you send me the HY3 and SD3 files so I can look at them? You can send them to mpwalsh8 at gmail dot com.

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