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  • I have exported my Blog from, without any dramas. I then tried to import the .xml file into my new blog which is on a seperate host. I firstly receive an error saying that I hadn’t enough memory allocated. So I fixed that up in my php.ini file, now when I import my blog I get to the final page, after picking wether I want to use the username or not, and nothing happens. It just ends up on a blank page. Any ideas??? It’s very frustrating as I am doing everything correct…

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  • I’d be happy to be corrected on this advice. But if it was me, I’d dump (delete/create new)the new host database and reinstall wordpress at the new domain. If you can. When you get to the screen that asks who to import as (a very good sign that your upload doesn’t suck). IMO, only ‘admin’ will give you joy. Been there, was sorry I didn’t set them to ‘admin’. That’s probably not your problem.

    Before I would do that though, I’d fire up a different browser or hit what ever key chord is needed to reload the browser cache of pages or delete the cacje. I use Firefox to double check (I normally use Apple’s Safari). I don’t know much about IE but if thats yours, and you can clean the cache and reload, it might work with out DB voodoo. Don’t change themes. Use the default. Make sure it works. Then Do the import.

    It almost sounds like a theme issue but It could be simpler than that. Switch browsers and view your new site. It might work.

    Yeah, I know that’s not very helpful.

    Hi ccoupe… That was all useful info actually thanks! Still no luck though… It get’s up to the part where it asks me if I want to use the existing user or map to ‘admin’… Then once I click ‘Import’ it just stops. Nothing more happens, I’ve cleared the cache, restarted… The whole shebang!

    Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Check to see if you have a child page with post ID lower than the parent page. You can “read” the xml file to find it. If you do, remove the reference to the parent page, or if you prefer, edit it on your old blog and make it main (no parent) page, then export again.

    I had similar problems importing and that fixed it.

    I know this sounds obvious but I’ve seen webhosts that really do take a long time to import and the import messages are kind of batched up. How many posts and comments do you have to import?

    Do you have access to the server’s error log? (via shell or the servers control panel?) Sometimes theres a clue in the error log.

    I can see how azaozz’s problem would be a show stopper too.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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