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  • I exported from my blog and imported to my self-hosted blog at

    While it worked, I noticed all the media links go to

    Is there another way I can export so that when I import I also bring in my media? Or do I just need to keep my site up and going?

    (When I imported to from Posterous it actually brought the media in, so I thought the wordpress-to-wordpress export/import might do the same thing.)

    I’m not quite sure if this is a question or a question, so I’ll also post over there.



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  • I just was looking at my Media and they are all there – but they are all unattached!



    Have you read this?

    I believe it discusses that issue.

    I did not find that earlier when searching. Thanks. I will check that out.



    Do you happen to know if running that search and replace script will also cause the status of the media to go from “unattached” to “attached”?



    Hmm… It’s actually more complicated than simple search and replace.

    I just deleted all my content and media and re-imported everything from again.

    This time there were 830 images imported, but some were attached and 696 were not attached and remain links to

    The 134 which were properly attached seem to be the most recent images, since March of this year.

    The ones before that are unattached. I think those might be the ones I imported from Posterous into

    Anyway, the reason the search-and-replace would not work is because the URLS in the Media library are all by id number, like But the URLs in the post are like

    So what kind of search-and-replace would be possible in that case?

    Maybe it’s easier to just leave the blog up, just to serve the media which didn’t get attached. It would be nice to have it all in one place though.

    Are there maybe “smarter importers” which can deal with this?



    I guess I’ll just:

    (1) In the meanwhile, keep using the as a “media repository.” They aren’t going anywhere, I assume, right?

    (2) Continue to double-post to Posterous.

    (3) Maybe one of these days Posterous will keep their promise and provide an export solution and I can then delete everything and re-import from Posterous.

    But the the meantime, I guess using to service the images which did not get attached is an ok solution.

    Unless anybody has a better idea?



    I think you know the complications better than anybody else in this forum.


    Yet, I am just a beginner with WordPress.


    I too was a beginner sometime ago. I too learned a little bit by trying this way. I hope you too will succeed and become an expert and help others too. Unfortunately, the problem is that not all problems have standard solutions, because the problems originated in unusual circumstances. All plugins, software, importers, etc. are designed for solving some type of common problems.

    That’s true, Krishna.

    But what’s so weird is the inconsistency of the wordpress importer. I can run it one time and get the last few month’s worth of photos to attach locally. I can run it again at a complete fresh install and 100% of the media still link back to

    So even for the standard solution, the tool itself seems to be very very unstable and inconsistent.


    Are you able to import all your posts with correct links? Only images link back to their original location? Is it the problem now? All else OK?

    As far as I can yes, the only problem is that 693 of over 830 images link back to their original location. The rest of the images managed to attach and the links in the post are to the local media.

    And as far as I can tell, all the posts appear ok. I don’t know for sure though without looking at all 726 posts.

    So the problem is more of a feeling like “it’s all pasted together with glue and rubber bands” and if something happens to the original location things will go bad.

    But the original locations are almost entirely I guess that’s pretty safe.

    A few original locations appear to be Posterous’ Amazon cloud because apparently didn’t import those correctly from Posterous. Those are more iffy, but just a handful and I could manually change those maybe.

    One point of concern. I thought the media count matched up, but the media count at my self-hosted site ( is 830 (695 not attached) and the media count at ( is 1,174 (all attached). I wonder what the 344 count difference is.

    I guess if I don’t go through each post one by one I won’t know. It could be that there are some posts with gallery thumbnails which are missing the originals. Or the originals go back to, in which case it’s “ok” that the media didn’t get imported.

    All confusing. But the short answer to your question is that as far as I can tell the posts at the self-hosted site look ok. Maybe I can pay my younger sister to go through each post one-by-one and see if they all look ok. 🙂



    What you do now is to see if for individual posts images are opening or not, no matter if it is from or Amazon. If it is OK, your work is almost done.

    I think you should go with your .com domain. The count difference can be because of some posts being imported more than once. It is not a big problem.

    Please check the above. The rest will be OK.

    I need to find somebody to check all my posts for one cent per post. 🙂

    I prefer the .com domain as well. Right now is going to my Posterous site. Yesterday I switched it temporarily to point to my self-hosted wordpress site (I think you and I discussed SEO issues), but realized that Google had indexed my Posterous site, which goes back for years. The links appeared broken because the URL format was different.

    However, after I switched the .com domain back to Posterous I realized that one of the permalink settings in WordPress exactly matched that of Posterous. So I could switch it back again and the Google links will still work.

    There is the whole issue of changing the domain for the wordpress site itself. I have to study up on how to do that exactly.

    In the meantime though, I can at least have end up at the wordpress site.

    One reason why it might be better to leave it as is because my email address goes to (somebody else owns That might be confusing to some people.

    Another idea is to make the blog itself!


    Uh oh. I’ve been going through all my posts and almost immediately ran into a bad issue.

    I wonder how many there are like this one:

    Note that the thumbnails don’t match the originals.

    The post it was imported from on doesn’t have that problem:

    Taken with my new iPhone macro lens

    I feel like I can’t rely on the entire import after seeing that.



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