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  • I have exported our existing blog to WXR format by going to Tools | Export. I then save the file to my desktop.

    Next I go to our new blog where I would like to import the data. I go to Tools | Import. I select the file through the Browse button. I attempt to upload.

    It takes me to a 404 page. What can I check or do differently to migrate my data from one Blog to another? I do not have access to the mySQL db. I only have access to WordPress app online and through FTP.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • was there any solution? I’m having the same problem- I select the file to be imported and it never makes it to Step one- after working for a while, I get a 404. If I refresh that page, it is back in Admin with the “Are you sure” page but it has no button to say yes.

    I’ve tried deactivating all my plugins, but this doesn’t work. I’ve tested it out on other installations on my server and other export files and I get the same thing, so I think it’s something in how the server is configured. I’m not getting any errors saying the file is too large (it’s 8M) or other errors. Is there any way to troubleshoot what the problem is? I totally borked my site and need to be able to import the backup!


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