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  • When I try to export I get an alert saying “Export failed due to a server error. Check the error log.” and then an error message afterward.

    The following error was generated by your server:


    function () { if ( list ) { // First, we save the current length var start = list.length; (function add( args ) { jQuery.each( args, function( _, arg ) { var type = jQuery.type( arg ); if ( type === “function” ) { if ( !options.unique || !self.has( arg ) ) { list.push( arg ); } } else if ( arg && arg.length && type !== “string” ) { // Inspect recursively add( arg ); } }); })( arguments ); // Do we need to add the callbacks to the // current firing batch? if ( firing ) { firingLength = list.length; // With memory, if we’re not firing then // we should call right away } else if ( memory ) { firingStart = start; fire( memory ); } } return this; }


    Thank you for taking the time to read this, any solutions or advice for what I could look into would help a lot.

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  • Plugin Author CPK Web Solutions


    Hi jwolff

    You can trigger that error by restarting Apache during an import or export. Assuming that you didn’t restart Apache deliberately, then check the error logs. Your server may be running out of memory and the OOM killer targeting Apache processes.

    If no luck there, then consider any other activity or config on your server that could cause the connection to be dropped unexpectedly. If the error consistently occurs after a certain amount of time (ie 30 secs), then it suggests a timeout caused by your server config somewhere.

    FYI – the javascript code that is outputted is from the JQuery library that comes with WordPress, not my plugin.

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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