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  • possible but you need to use phpmyadmin instead. e.g. use wp_em_events table

    Thanks aglonwl,

    I tried your suggestion with wp_em_events table. But I can’t find the location in there. How do I connect wp_em_events table with wp_em_events locations to have all the information in one Excel file?

    Cheers again

    Okay, I’m getting there, sorry to bother you with SQL questions.

    But one thing: Could you please tell me in which table the event category for the events is stored?


    try wp_term_taxonomy and wp_terms

    Plugin Author Marcus


    in phpmyadmin you could run this sort of query and export the results into csv

    SELECT * FROM wp_em_events e JOIN wp_em_locations l ON e.location_id=l.location_id

    Hi Marcus,

    I know you guys are geniuses and I don’t expect any answer but if it’s a piece of cake for you please have look at my SQL so far. I get everything I need from the db but not the category of each event. Any ideas? How do I join wp_term_taxonomy and wp_terms?

    SELECT <code>wp_em_events</code>.<code>event_start_date</code> , <code>wp_em_events</code>.<code>event_start_time</code> , <code>wp_em_events</code>.<code>event_name</code> , <code>wp_em_locations</code>.<code>location_name</code> , <code>wp_em_locations</code>.<code>location_town</code>
    FROM <code>wp_em_events</code>
    LEFT JOIN <code>wp_em_locations</code> ON <code>wp_em_events</code>.<code>location_id</code> = <code>wp_em_locations</code>.<code>location_id</code>
    WHERE <code>event_start_date</code> >= '2012-10-03'
    ORDER BY <code>wp_em_events</code>.<code>event_start_date</code> ASC

    Thanks ever so much

    Upss something went wrong, her we go:

    SELECT wp_em_events.event_start_date , wp_em_events.event_start_time , wp_em_events.event_name , wp_em_locations.location_name , wp_em_locations.location_town
    FROM wp_em_events
    LEFT JOIN wp_em_locations ON wp_em_events.location_id = wp_em_locations.location_id
    WHERE event_start_date >= ‘2012-10-03’
    ORDER BY wp_em_events.event_start_date ASC

    Plugin Author Marcus


    given terms have 3 tables (also wp_term_relationships) and it’s a many-to-many relationship, it’d require time experimenting to get that right, which I don’t have atm.

    I’d suggest looping those results in php and then get the terms using the post_id of each event.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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